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1. Drink at least 64 oz. of water every day. It must be water, not soda, tea, coffee, milk, or anything else. You wouldn’t substitute those beverages to wash your car, hair, or water your lawn, and you can’t use them as substitutes to nourish your body.

2. Frequency is better than intensity. Five minutes a day of aerobic exercise 6 days a week is better than 30 minutes once a week. It will help digestion, improve circulation and flexibility, boost your immune system, and provide many other benefits.

3. Fruit is your friend. Four servings of fruit a day promotes fat burning. Thermogenesis is the generation of body heat that occurs as a result of normal digestion, absorption, and metabolization of food. Fruit is your best source of food to make this happen.

4. Eat the “Rainbow Foods.” The brighter the color of the fruit or vegetable, the more nutrients it contains.

5. Eat during daylight hours. Your body has an internal clock that burns fat better while your metabolism is at its peak. When it gets dark your body thinks it’s time to sleep or hibernate, therefore your system slows down and burns less fat.

6. Get rid of the caffeine! This includes tea, coffee, cola, and chocolate. There is no minimum daily requirement for caffeine in the diet. There is no nutrition in caffeine and while it may give you artificial energy, it also overworks your adrenal system and eventually leaves you tired and exhausted. It takes tomorrow’s energy and uses it today.

7. Royalty eating. Eat like a King at breakfast, a Queen for lunch, and like a Pauper for dinner. Your biggest and best meal should be breakfast and your smallest meal should be dinner. It makes sense because your body burns more fat while you are awake than when you are asleep.

8. Join the “Leaver Club”. Don’t clean your plate, leave food behind.

9. Stop fad dieting.

10. Don’t multitask. When it is time to eat, just eat. Avoid eating while watching television, driving, or working at the computer. Concentrate and thoroughly enjoy what you are eating. Savor the aroma, texture, consistency, as well as the flavor.

11. Wear a watch when you eat. Take breaks when you eat. Take 4 or 5 sixty- second breaks during your meal. After you swallow a few bites, stop, look at your watch and wait sixty seconds before you pick up your fork and resume eating.

12. Before mealtime don’t change into loose clothing. Wear a snug belt; it will help you get full faster.

13. Eat with bright lights. Don’t turn the lights down when it is time to eat. Studies have shown most binge eating occurs when the lights are dim.

14. Start your day with a glass of juice. Enjoy 100% fruit juice, not juice with sugar or fructose added. Juicing your own fruits or vegetables is the best choice.

15. Cravings I. Have your cravings. That’s right! Eat them, BUT, be responsible and wait “10 minutes” before you eat them. During the 10-minute waiting period, look into the mirror and say to yourself, “I am in control”, ten times. Then enjoy your treat fully, but control the portion size.

16. Cravings II. Your cravings are based on taste, realize this and think about something other than taste. If you still want it after 10-minutes, then have it. Remember, you don’t have to eat the whole thing.

17. Avoid needing willpower. If it is not good for you, “Don’t buy it.” NO MATTER WHO LIVES IN YOUR HOUSE. As long as they are living with you, make them eat healthy also, or they can just go buy it themselves. If you buy snacks for someone else like your spouse or kids then buy the kind YOU DON’T like. Also remember if you bought snacks for someone else, it’s their food, leave it alone.

18. Don’t go in hungry. Eat before you go to the grocery store. You will make better food choices and buy less on impulse.

19. Get rid of the gum! Chewing, no matter what it is, tells the stomach, “Here Comes Food!” Then when no food comes down, the hunger pains soon follow. Chewing gum contributes to eating more.

20. Indulge I. Once a week eat the food that you crave the most. Do not splurge or binge, eat a sensible portion. Remember to say to yourself before indulging, “I am in control.”

21. Indulge II. When you indulge, don’t leave any. Eat it in one sitting and throw away the leftovers or give them to someone else. Having it around will tempt you into eating more and more.

22. Stay off the scales. Go by the way your clothes fit. Keep the tight clothes. As reported in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, the people who were told they had lost an additional five pounds maintained their self-restraint at a buffet. But, those who thought they had gained five pounds “reported lower self-esteem, less positive moods, and more negative moods.” Led to the buffet, they ate as if dieting just didn’t matter anymore.

23. Clean your closet. Throw out the oversized clothes. Any clothes that you have slimmed down from get rid of them. Give yourself no place to go but better health.

24. Beware of the plateau. This is where you seem to level off on your weight loss. Carry weight on your walk, run, or work out. How ever much weight you lose, carry it in a backpack or carry dumbbells in your hand. Start with the first 1 to 5 pounds and continue to add as you lose additional weight.

25. Stack some magazines. Make a stack of magazines, one for every pound you want to lose. Remove a magazine for every pound you lose. Watch the stack get smaller and smaller.

26. Bank exercise. For every mile you cover (walk, ride a bike, roller blade, etc.) pay your piggy bank. Make it a set amount for each mile (e.g. $1.00). Then after one month reward yourself with a NON-food item.

27. Become a star! Buy a box of color coated stars and a calendar. Put a star on every day you exercise. Even if you took the stairs instead of the elevator, or parked away from the door of the mall instead of parking up close. Every day that you exercise put a star on your calendar.

28. Feed your body not your emotions. Avoid emotional eating. If you eat when you are Frustrated, Angry, or Tired – that spells F-A-T.

29. Talk to your food. Look closely at your food before putting it in your mouth. Ask yourself, “Do I really want this, am I hungry, and does my body need this?”

30. Think before you eat. Just remember, “A minute on the lips, a month on the hips.”

31. Soup. Eating soup actually fills you faster than eating the same calories in solid form. So fill up with soup. Remember, avoid creamy soups that are higher in calories and select thinner broth based soups instead.

32. Telephone habits. Increase your exercise by standing. Whenever you are on the phone, STAND UP. No matter what time of the day, or what you are doing, if you are on the phone, stand up. Pacing back and forth will even help burn more calories.

33. Breakfast. You should eat your breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. 78% of people who maintain a weight loss for 5 years eat breakfast every day.

34. Paper clip chain. First make a chain with paper clips. Each one represents one pound; so for each pound you lose, take a paper clip off the chain.

35. Scale. Bring the scale into the kitchen and place it near the refrigerator. It may help you to remember that everything you eat has an impact on what the scale says.

36. Stop dieting – start eating! Replace the word “dieting” with “lifestyle change” or “eating.”

37. Large size clothing. Hang some of your larger sized clothing in the kitchen. When you are tempted to snack, look at the size of the clothes.

38. The B.S. rule. Follow the B.S. rule of eating. Eat baked and steamed.

39. Eat out like a family. When you go out to eat with friends and family, order appetizers as your meal. Everyone will be able to try different things and the portions are smaller than most entrées.

40. Calorie blocker. Add fiber with fruits and vegetables to your diet. For every extra gram of fiber you block 7 calories. 35 grams of fiber a day results in 245 blocked calories!

41. Eating diary. Over a 10-week study, people who recorded everything they ate lost 64% more weight than those who did not. It will also give you insight into what triggers you to overeat, (e.g.: type of food, time of day, location, mood, etc.)

42. Spray on flavor. Mix olive oil and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle Mist it on your salad and you will reduce the amount of dressing you use.

43. Have a snack drawer. Fill your drawer with individual serving sizes of fruit cups, raisins, pretzels, and crackers. When your snack drawer is portion controlled, you are less likely to overeat.

44. Go nuts. One ounce of peanuts or peanut butter daily provides fiber, protein, and a satisfied feeling. Eat slowly, two or three nuts at a time.

45. 500 less. If you eat 500 less calories a day, you will lose one pound a week. Learn how much of each of your favorite foods equals 500 calories.

46. Chew once more. Just before you’re ready to swallow stop and chew a little bit more.

47. Be aware of saboteurs. These people out to sabotage your weight loss efforts. When people push food on you say, “It looks good, but no thank you I’m full.”

48. Exercise in line. Whenever you find yourself standing in a line, at the store or bank, work on your abs. Suck in your abdomen; try to pull your belly button back to your backbone.

49. Eat sooner. Eat before you are hungry and you will eat less.

50. Eat fat first. Add a little fat to the first bite of a low calorie meal Your taste buds recognize the first bite the best. Fat fills you faster than carbohydrates or protein.

51. Sit up to eat. People who eat while sitting up tend to feel fuller, sooner.

52. Be experimental. Try a food that you have never had before. Eating a wide variety of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, will go a long way towards assuring you are getting the wide variety of nutrients needed for good health.

53. Choose quality over quantity. Don’t focus on how much or little you are consuming but rather on what nutrients your body needs and satisfy those needs by eating foods with high nutritional content.

54. Eat with your mind. Be sure to make every mouthful a conscious decision and avoid eating while doing something else. This is the way to truly enjoy the aroma, taste, and textures of good nutritious food. Overeating has more to do with your mind than your stomach.

55. Listen to the other voice. There are two voices inside all of us. One that wants to be slim and healthy, and one that wants to consume more. Be friends to both of them but remember that you are the boss and that you are in control of both your willpower and your pleasures.

56. Pay attention. Many of our bad eating habits grow out of inattention. We don’t notice what we’re consuming.

57. Savor your food. Enjoy your food more, not more often.

58. Water to bed, water to rise. Have a big glass of water first thing in the morning. Most people don’t realize just how dehydrated we become while sleeping. Drinking water will perk you up and freshen your complexion. It may also help you consume less, as we often mistake thirst for hunger. Another large glass at bedtime will get you well on the way to meeting your daily need of this all important nutrient.

59. Eat at every meal. Skipping meals is equivalent to not putting gas in your car. Sooner or later your tank empties, you end up running on empty and usually overeat to compensate. Feed your body reasonably and on schedule and you are less likely to experience ravenous hunger.

60. Eat some of your favorites. Deprivation is the mother of failure. Your mind will interpret deprivation as punishment and rebel. You can’t deprive yourself for long periods of time and not expect your body to take revenge. One day a week enjoy eating some of your favorites in civilized amounts. Just remember do not consume everything you managed to abstain from all week.

61. Losing weight is about learning how to eat. Not about how not to eat.

62. Move the scales. Simply by moving yourself everyday.

63. Move your knee more than your elbow. Don’t call it exercise, call it movement. Walk away from your weight.

64. Reach for your mate not your plate. Stop feeding emotions with food.

65. Dieting is a game. You’ll play for a while and even when you win by losing, you’ll quit playing. All diets are temporary. That’s why they fail.

66. Avoid saying, “Why can’t I eat as much as I want?” You are where you are now because you already ate as much as you wanted.

67. Never reward yourself with food. Reward yourself with the gift of health and smaller clothes.

68. Remember, you don’t “have” to lose. You “want” to.

69. Something is wrong if you “love to eat”. Learn to love yourself and others, not food.

70. Why can’t I eat as much as my husband? You can, and you can weigh as much or more than he does also.

71. Appetite is emotional. Hunger is normal physiology. Eat when you are hungry.

72. Active duty. Are you busy or active? Wear a pedometer daily for a week. Determine what day of the week you were the most active and how many steps you took that day. Your goal should be to wear a pedometer 4 days a week and always strive to meet or beat your best number of steps.

73. Too close for comfort. What is your comfort food and what causes you to indulge in it? Is it a person or an event? What happens if you don’t eat it? What amount must you eat so it comforts you? Does it really comfort you after you have eaten it? From now on make this food difficult to access and ask yourself these questions, then if you still want it, eat it.

74. Season change. Pick two seasons to lose weight. Lose one season (13 weeks) then maintain one season, then lose and then maintain. If you lose two pounds each week of your two seasons, you will lose 52 pounds in one year.

75. Are you a “fat head”? Why did you get heavy? Was it molestation or incest? Is there a person or an event that has a direct relationship to causing your being overweight? If there is, go get psychological help.

76. Sleep on it. Is most of your sleep done on the couch or on a recliner? At what weight loss do you think you will sleep in bed? Talk to your spouse and develop a plan together for your success. Do you know what C-pap is? We should sleep with our spouse not a machine.

77. What is your plateau weight? Is there a weight you lose to but cannot maintain? This time lose to that weight then go onto a maintenance plan for three months, then resume your weight loss plan again.

78. Get a check up from the neck up. Your weight is the symptom, not the problem. You weigh what you feel you deserve to weigh. Identify what motivates you to weigh what you do.

79. Eating buddy? Is there someone (spouse, friend, co-worker) that when you are together its centered around food? If you can’t relate to them without food then you are their “eating buddy” as well. Talk to them about a healthier relationship. Could they become an “exercise buddy” instead?

80. Look in the mirror daily and say “I Love You”. It’s not vanity, it’s about a healthy self image.

81. Be possessive. You are responsible for your own health, disease, wealth and weight. When you realize this, you’ll empower yourself and you will be able to change it for the better.


82. Use a cocktail plate. Put what you want on the plate all at once, then eat off of that plate. Avoid picking at the buffet table.

83. Move away from the food. Don’t look at it.

84. Never go to an event hungry. Eat a piece of fruit and drink 16 ounces of water before you go.

85. Never say, “I’m on a diet”. Say “I’m full” or “I ate before I came.”

86. Stand throughout the event. Avoid sitting near food, e.g. end table or coffee table of snacks.


87. Be aware of the day after a “Designated Day”. You’ll be extra hungry. Excess calories and sugar stimulates appetite for 24 hours.

88. Exercise. The holidays put a bigger demand on our time. Commit to walk, uninterrupted, 10 minutes, 6 days a week, regardless. Mall walking while shopping doesn’t count.

89. About alcohol. Alcohol stimulates the appetite, causes loss of inhibition and willpower, and all of alcohol calories turn into fat really fast. Be careful. In order of lowest to highest danger: spritzers – wine – light beer – beer – hard drinks (whiskey, scotch, etc.) – drinks with liquor and cream – EGG NOG !

90. Pick your favorite holiday food. Eat it once during the season. Plan the day you’ll eat it, (January 1st is best so that you will have it to look forward to all season). E.g. red velvet cake or divinity candy.

91. Lug a liter. Everyday fill a 1-liter bottle with water. Starting Thanksgiving, drink it every day, regardless, at least until January 1st.

92. Always leave food on your plate. We overeat during the holidays because we have a greater variety of foods available. Be careful; the greater your variety of foods, the more we eat, so therefore, always leave food behind.

93. Shopping. Make yourself park at the end of the row. Do not wait up front for a parking space. Take the steps whenever possible.

94 What is your comfort food? Identify it and allow yourself to have it once over the holiday season. Treat it similar to your favorite holiday food (tip 94).

95. Thirst for weight control. Accompany every beverage you drink with an equal amount of water. Don’t drink a second beverage until you have completed the partner water intake.

96 An apple a day. Make yourself eat an apple a day every day from Thanksgiving until January 1st. Eat the skin. If you don’t like apples have a banana.

97.Treat every day separately. If one day you miss, get back on track immediately. Never say “I blew it, I’ll start tomorrow on January 1st.”

98. Chewing, no matter what it is, tells the stomach, “Here Comes Food!” Then when no food comes down, the hunger pains soon follow. Chewing gum contributes to eating more.

99. You will never be successful at moving the scales until you learn to move yourself every day.

100. Don't give up!

101. Help somebody else start their weight loss journey!