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Georgia Bariatrics Services

What services does Georgia Bariatrics provide?
At Georgia Bariatrics we realize that losing weight can be a complicated undertaking. For that reason we provide much more than other weight loss programs and weight loss centers. Our ancillary services include:

    • An Exercise Club
    • Health fitness profiles
    • Metabolic Testing
    • Thyroid testing
    • Bone density analysis
    • Fat/muscle ratios
    • Natural Health alternatives
    • Electro Cardiograms (ECG)
    • Individual/Group Counseling
    • Nutritional Counseling

Who does Georgia Bariatrics work with?
Individuals; both adults and adolescents; men and women; people on medications; anyone who is at a point in their life where they want to lose weight and feel better about themselves.

How does a weight control program work?
Individualized plans are the foundation for success at Georgia Bariatrics. We do not use cookie cutter plans like other weight loss centers because we realize that everyone is different in their weight loss needs. Just as each individual's metabolism is different, everyone's weight loss program can require different approaches. Some of the programs that we utilize are:

    • Fat Burning Vitamin Injections(Click here to see instructional video)
    • Liquid only plans: using PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fasting)
    • Blended programs that provide an expertly designed combination of several of the programs listed above
    • Table Food Programs: designing a sensible approach to eating habits
    • Quick programs: where table food is eliminated or drastically reduced

Does Georgia Bariatrics have the ability to prescribe appetite suppressants?
Georgia Bariatrics has a complete inventory of prescription strength appetite suppressants. Dr. McBarron is a board certified medical doctor and as such, can provide the oversight necessary for utilizing these tools. She has the knowledge and experience to prescribe the best single dosage or combinations of anorexants including Phendimetrazine, Diethylpropion, or Phentermine. An added benefit is that Georgia Bariatrics is one of only a handful of Bariatric practices in the U.S. that has its own on site Pharmacy. This equates to convenience and time savings for our patients.

Between work and family, I lead a busy life. Can Georgia Bariatrics fit me in?
Georgia Bariatrics is all about convenience. Many of our patients lead busy lives with travel commitments, work and family. We work hard to make it easy to stick to your commitment of losing weight; whether it is our multiple locations, our on site pharmacy, or the ability to ship your prescriptions right to your door. Something as simple as a phone call or an email can accommodate your weight loss needs. Our staff is comprised of certified bariatric assistants that are here for you. Many of them have conquered weight problems themselves.

Click HERE to see the Fat Burning Injection instruction video.

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Georgia Bariatrics
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