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Military Weight Loss Testimonials for Georgia Bariatrics

Jan McBarron, MD, ND has a deep and ongoing commitment to the local Columbus, Georgia population, including that of the military. Despite the active army lifestyle, with it can also come excess weight gain. Whether it's from eating several weekly fast food meals due to a fluctuating schedule, reliance on sugar and caffeine-laden drinks for energy, or just general poor nutritional choices, those in the military really face the same weight challenges as everyone else.

Since 1987, Dr. McBarron and our staff at Georgia Bariatrics has helped thousands of Fort Benning service members and their families in their efforts to lose weight, get healthy and instill long-lasting habits that they'll hopefully carry into the future.

Also, because we know that military families come and go, Georgia Bariatrics offers the option to purchase weight loss products, weight loss supplements, fat burning injections and delicious shakes, bars and snacks available for purchase anytime at the website.

So whether near or far, let us serve you by offering you the help and support you need to maintain your weight loss goals.


Military Testimonials


"My name is Stephanie and I lost fourteen pounds. I am in the military and it is required that our weight stay below the maximum weight standards according to Army regulations. My weight had exceeded the standards and I was facing the possibility of losing my military status. I have tried several different "diets". I would lose some weight but I would always start feeling very tired and moody and not be able to stick with the diet. Georgia Bariatrics helped me lose the weight and keep it off."


US Soldier
"I am a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and I am 43 years old. I have been taped in the military for eighteen years and my weight has yo-yoed most of my life. Thanks to Georgia Bariatrics, I have lost 35 pounds since becoming a patient working with Dr. McBarron and her staff."


US Soldier
"My experience I would like to share with all military is that this has been the easiest weight loss program I have ever tried. I have tried everything in the past with no success. Not only have I lost the weight; I’m not having any trouble keeping in off."