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Welcome to Georgia Bariatrics!


Bariatrics is the medical specialty of weight control. It is derived from the Greek word "baros", which means weight. A bariatrician is a licensed medical doctor who is qualified to practice Bariatric medicine. Georgia Bariatrics is Dr. McBarron's private medical practice.

If you are looking for a weight loss center in Columbus, Georgia, then you have come to the right place. Through Georgia Bariatrics, you will reach and maintain your desired weight goal. Dr. McBarron is highly trained and skilled in orchestrating your weight loss program. She first became a registered nurse, moving on to a Bachelor's degree in nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and finally obtaining her Medical Doctorate. Dr. McBarron is surrounded by a staff of medically competent nurses and para-professionals. Many of her staff have overcome their own weight problems and can help you with yours. On behalf of all of us here at Georgia Bariatrics, WELCOME!

We are proud of Georgia Bariatrics and know you have made the best choice! Here is why:

  • Dr. McBarron is the ONLY Board Certified Bariatrician within 150 miles of Columbus.
  • She personally understands your struggle as she has LOST OVER 70 POUNDS.
  • She has the MOST EXPERIENCE in helping you. She was the first Bariatrician in the area and has the longest record of proven maintenance since 1987.
  • Dr. McBarron dedicates her practice EXCLUSIVELY to Bariatrics. She's not trying to "Tack On" Bariatrics to another practice.

BARIATRICS (bar-i-at riks) [G. Baros, weight, +iatreia, medical treatment]. The branch of medicine or surgery that deals with the management (prevention or control) of obesity and allied diseases.
- Steadman's Medical Dictionary 26th Edition


NOTE: This site is NOT an online pharmacy. Any one may purchase products. You MUST be a patient of Dr. McBarron’s and have a password to request Appetite Suppressants. This site is available to everyone, but is a dispensary service only for Dr. McBarron’s patients. 

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